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Green Iguana's Surf School is quite simply the best surf school you can find. Our instructors care less about their time on the clock than they do about giving you the best sevice they can provide. GISC's instructors are excellent natural teachers of this wonderful sport, and keep you safe at all times while showing you just how much fun surfing really is!

Surfing is a healthy, natural sport. It gets you in good shape, gives you a nice tan, and best of all, it's FUN!!! Green Iguana Surf Camp is simply the finest choice you can make for a Costa Rica surf school! The air is clean, with a nice ocean breeze, and the water temperature is a warm seventy-eight degrees, year round, so you can leave your wetsuit at home.

Green Iguana is highly experienced in teaching beginners everything they need to know about surfing, including the basics of reading the ocean and surf, how to paddle your surfboard properly, and of course, how to stand up and ride waves! GISC's surf instructors have an unparalleled knowledge of local waves and conditions, and always know when it's going to be good, which surf spot will be the best, and which kind of surfboard is best suited for you.

If you ask any experienced surfer what they love to do, they'll all tell you the same thing: nothing in the world compares with riding nice, glassy waves. Here at Green Iguana we teach people much more than the simple act of riding a wave... surfing Costa Rica is more than just the act of getting up on a surfboard in the tropics and hollering "cowabunga"!... we teach you that surfing is a metaphor for life itself. Just like a baby on the way, a wave is seen from a distance... you can't see it when it's too far away, and once it draws near to you, you've got to put on your game face and get ready! You decide to take the drop, comitting yourself, and paddle into either a pleasant little wave or perhaps a thick, heart-pounding giant, fly along at an easy speed or a breakneck pace, enter the blue and white darkness and get fired back out into bright light, (getting tubed), give it one more big move, and then at the end, either gently cruise out the back for another one, or wipeout!.. and taste the sand as you drift in to the safety of a welcoming beach.
Green Iguana's Costa Rica surf camp truly cares about more than just making a few dollars... we enjoy teaching people from around the world this wonderful life, with the goal that they'll come away with much more than just having learned to ride waves in a Costa Rica surf camp. The spirit of surfing really is a very special thing, and is why so thousands upon thousands of people change their lives just to be close to the ocean and the surf. There truly is something magical about riding an ocean wave, and for many, it's that missing link they've always searched for, the one that makes their lives complete.
This philosophy is shared by all of the Green Iguana staff. We have the best teachers to be found of this sport/lifestyle, and our mission is to teach you to not just the mechanics, but how to love to surf, and show you the vacation of your life.

Here's a description of Green Iguana's beginner's surf course:

Day 1- First lesson, held during low to medium tide at Dominical Beach. This lesson teaches you the fundamentals, and how to stay safe in the ocean. You'll learn about surfing etiquette; how to avoid accidents in the water, which surfer has the right-of-way, and how to give and receive courtesy in the surf. The first part of the lesson is spent on the beach, where you'll learn about the effects that tide, wind, and swell direction have on the surf, how to read ocean swells, and how to read and avoid rip currents. The rest of the first lesson is spent in the water, learning how to paddle your board, getting up to your feet, and riding some fun little waves.Costa Rica Surf School Surf lesson

Day 2- Day two is where you step it up a notch, from the whitewater waves to the outside break. Lesson two teaches you how to paddle out to the main lineup, how to deal with incoming waves, how to sit up on your board (tougher than it sounds), and how to paddle into waves and get up to your feet.
Lessons two and on are normally held at several other beaches south of Dominical, including Playas Dominicalito, Hermosa, and Ballena, in order to find the best waves for the day's conditions. These are all very beautiful, secluded beaches, ideal for surfing in Costa Rica.

Days 3-On On The next series of lessons are held at the area's beachbreaks. These lessons are designed to teach you to ride the face of the wave, with the main focuses being on wave judgment and timing, catching waves with correct form and getting up to your feet properly, and learning how to make some basic turns. The object of these lessons is to build up muscle memory - a term that refers to the body's ability to learn a particular movement, after many repetitions, without the mind consciously thinking about it, which is very important when you're learning to take off on a wave. Surfing Costa Rica with Green Iguana Surf Camp will give you the knowledge and skill you need to keep on surfing, whether at home, or on future surfing destinations!


Costa Rica Surf School-Green Iguana's surf school courses include one or two surf lessons per day, timed according to the tides. The five, seven, and ten day surf courses also include unlimited surfboard use. We provide guided transportation to local surf spots on every lesson.

Costa Rica Surf Camp

-Please Note: As with all sports, some people learn to surf very quickly, while others are more comfortable taking their time to learn. Kids are different - they surf like seasoned pros after about 5 minutes of instruction! It does help to have experience swimming in the ocean, but it's not entirely necessary. However, we do require that all surf school participants, kids and adults, have some basic swimming abilities. If you can tread water for ten minutes, and swim a few laps in a large pool without feeling beat, then no problem - you're ready to go surfing!

-What to bring for your surf lessons: sun block is imperative - rash guards (spandex) and Aloe Gator surfing sun block can be found in local surf shops.
If you manage to forget your swimmin' trunks, you can find surf shorts and bathing suits/bikinis here as well.

-Surfing is a lot of fun. Surfing is also a science. I have put together a brief course on the science of reading the ocean, and I highly recommend that anyone traveling on a surf vacation read this page thouroghly before departing!.


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