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Arco Iris / San Josecito Waterfalls

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Nestled in the bottom of the San Juan de Dios Valley lies Finca Peace of Mind, which is host to one of the most spectacular waterfalls to be found in Costa Rica. Cascada Arco Iris, translated as Rainbow Waterfall, is named for the perpetual rainbow produced from the rising mist found at the base of the falls.

Among the amazing features of Cascada Arco Iris are its absolutely crystal clear waters, the surrounding twenty two acres of rainforest, and the strong gusts generated by the river's long, sheer drop out of the rainforest above.

Thundering sounds will accompany the pounding of your heart as you walk right into the falling cascade, and then, as it winds through the boulders below the falls, the river turns gentle once again and weaves its way through the forest. Along the pleasant twenty minute hike to Arco Iris, you'll pass through a wild garden of tropical flowers and fruit trees, and various species of native hardwoods.


River Rafting

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Take a wild journey down some of the most exciting rivers to be found in Costa Rica, including the Rio Savegre, Rio Guabo, and more. You'll love every second of this adventure; between the thrills in the whitewater and the beautiful, secluded waterfalls you'll visit along the way, by the end of the day you'll be quite happily pooped, with a smile you can't scrub off your face! This is a tour that truly deserves the title "adventure".
Run by qualified expert guides, you'll have a great time while gazing at sights that will, quite simply, blow your mind.

Rainforest Canopy

Rainforest CanopyRainforest Canopy

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Across the river from Dominical lies Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge, home to the Flight of the Toucan Zip-line tour. This adventure takes you on a tour of the rainforest canopy from a birds-eye point of view, showing you a side of Costa Rica that's impossible to see from the ground. Zipping from tree to tree, you'll see what a bird sees as it flies through the jungle.

Wonder at the many different species of tropical plants and animals your expert guide will point out, and watch your step along the trail for one of the several types of poison dart frogs you're likely to encounter.

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