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NEW FOR 2010!!! (For intermediate to advanced surfers)

NOT OFFERED NOW... Now We are not having good weather.

For over fifty years, surfers have traveled to the far ends of the earth in the search for the perfect wave...

If you're on a quest for the wave of a lifetime, you'll find it with a Green Iguana camping surfari to Playa Pavones! Green Iguana Surf Camp is now offering guided, all-inclusive* camping surfaris for intermediate to advanced surfers, to this perfect lefthand pointbreak in southern Costa Rica. The wave is everything a surfer dreams about; Pavones is, quite simply, one of the longest and most perfectly shaped pointbreak waves in the world, with some days having waves that peel on for nearly a kilometer! Playa Pavones is a real surfer's paradise, breaking at low, mid, and high tide, and when it's going off, it will leave you with memories of the longest, most amazing waves of your life. It's the kind of wave that'll have your legs burning long before you're out of breath. Green Iguana Surf Camp offers camping surfaris to Pavones during the dates of May 15th through Oct25th, which is in Costa Rica's peak south swell season.

The wave itself is a very well shaped, left breaking sand and cobblestone bottom pointbreak, with a small rivermouth about a hundred meters from the main takeoff point, which is one several barrelling sections to the wave. During the south swell season, overhead groundswells arrive on a regular basis, and when you combine a good south swell, a light morning breeze, and a 16+ second wave period, you will be soon be surfing idyllyc, completely unforgettable dream waves. There are several barreling sections to the waves at Pavones, with lots of room for some serious skate-park carving in between. From the outside peak to the far inside peelers there are acres of room for hitting the lip, floaters, cutbacks, and usually a tube or three, then you'll have to rest your burning legs for a minute, before doing it again on the inside section.

When the wave's finally over, you step right off on the beach, stroll over to the local beach bar (The Cantina), have a cold one and watch the waves while iguanas watch you, then walk back up the point, and do it all again. Coupled with the already minimal crowds in Pavones, you get all the waves you could ever want, and more. Oh - and since you're camping with Green Iguana, smack dab on Pavones Point, you get a proper dawn patrol; an early wake up with a perfect view to the surf, piping hot coffee and chilled fresh fruit, and then once you're properly fueled up, a nice paddle out and some perfect pointbreak waves.

Costa Rica Surf Camp
Pavones Point
Costa Rica Surf Camp
Pavones Point
Costa Rica Surf Camp
Pavones Point

Your campsite is right next to the wave - you can see the wave, smell the salt, and feel the spray of sets rolling down the point from your tent. For a surfer, it's camping at it's best! In addition, you have the advantage of traveling with a knowledgeable guide; when the swell is very large and straight out of the south, we take you to an unnamed spot is that GOES OFF... long, perfect, completely uncrowded lefts, and no crowds. It's a fickle wave, but SICK when it's working, and we have a campsite there as well.

Pavones breaks well during southwest to south swells, which are consistent during the months of May through October. To see what Pavones is doing over the next five days: Check Green Iguana's *Surf Forecast* (link) page, and you'll find a 5-day swell forecast for Playa Dominical and Playa Pavones. A general guideline is: when the swell arrives in Costa Rica, if the swell is out of the south, the swell period is increasing, and the waves are on the rise, it's a good time to head to Pavones. The greater the wave period, the bigger and longer lasting the swell will be. An 18+ second wave period indicates a large, powerful swell, and a good swell direction for Pavones is out of the south, at around 180 - 230 degrees latitude. If the swell period is increasing from one day to the next, the swell is on the rise, and if the swell period is decreasing, the waves are dropping, and could get small before the next swell arrives.

Green Iguana Surf Camp is experienced in predicting swells in Pavones, however, as any experienced surfer knows, it is always possible to get skunked. We do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen, but we cannot guarantee 100% that you will catch Pavones doing it's thing. The peak of the season, and best bet for catching Pavones going off is from around July 15th to October 1st. Each camping surfari lasts between 2 and 5 days, which is usually the duration of an average swell for Pavones. If the waves drop in size while we're there, we'll head back to Playa Dominical, which never fails to produce. Dominical also has a lefthand pointbreak, not the same quality as Pavones, but still a good wave, offering 100+ yard rides on days with good swell.

Pavones camping surfaris also include trips to Papas Point, a local lefthand reefbreak. Papas Point (Dominical) is a rock- bottomed reef/pointbreak that works on big swells, and is good for intermediate-advanced surfers. Works best with a south swell, (May-Oct.) and a medium to high tide. Dominical is normally the best local spot around, but Papas can offer 100+ meter rides on days with large swell and good conditions. Green Iguana checks Papas every day, and schedules trips there when it's breaking, according to the tides. Papas Point trips are included in Pavones Camping Surfari Package only.

* Pavones Camping Surfari Package includes:
-Airport pickup and guided transportation from San Jose, to Green Iguana Surf Camp, to Playa Pavones and back.
-Lodging at Green Iguana Surf Camp in Playa Dominical, Costa Rica.
-Two to five day camping trips to Pavones Point.

* Dominical:
-Lodging at Green Iguana Surf Camp in Playa Dominical.
-Trips to a Papas Point, a local lefthand reefbreak (when swell is big).

* Pavones:
-Guided camping, right on Pavones Point.
-Daily breakfast and dinner, cooked over a campfire or camp stove.
-Solar showers and dry towels.
-Comfortable hammocks.
-Surf Wax.

* Package does not include:

-Meals in Dominical.
-Lunches at Pavones.

* Lunches at Pavones:
-Daily lunch at a local beachside restaurant (not included in price).

Green Iguana Surf Camp does everything we can to make your camping trip as comfortable and hassle free as possible, but we do strongly recommend that those going on Pavones camping trips are experienced campers. Remember - there are mosquitos, although they're no problem if you use repellant, and it rains, but your sleeping and hangin' out area is always nice and dry. On a Pavones surfari, you'll be sleeping on an air mattress, dinner is cooked over a campfire, and you'll become intimate friends with several hundred hermit crabs. However, these "hardships" aside, camping right on the wave really is the only way to go!

Anyone is welcome to come along on a Pavones surfari, but Green Iguana does require that anyone who wishes to surf the wave at Pavones is not a
beginner, and already knows how to surf beyond the most basic levels, as the wave, when head-high or larger, is beyond the skill level of first-timers.

Costa Rica Surf Camp
Papas Point
Costa Rica Surf Camp
Papas Point
Costa Rica Surf Camp
Papas Point

Green Iguana Surf Camp
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