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surfeo en costa rica surfeo en costa rica
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Today's surf conditions:

Todays' report: Small but good conditions today, and look out for a good south swell to hit tomorrow! Most spots should be good, and the point is likely to be working. As usual, Playa Dominicalito, where this photo was taken, will continue to be great, with waist-to-head high waves. Pura Vida!

This is a swell period map, not a wave height map.
Swell period is defined as the time between the breaking crest of each wave in a set, and lets you know how big the swell will be, and when it will arrive and when it will disappear.
Just count the seconds between each wave in a set on your watch in the morning, do the same in the evening, and you'll have an idea if the swell is rising or falling.
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