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An Apple a Day - Article

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An Apple a Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Well, that may be true, it sure can't hurt, and it's tasty, so I think I'll have myself a Granny Smith.

And sure enough, no doctors came slinkin' around the house today, like a salesman in the grass trying to sell you his oil, or a mailman working long hours after the sun goes down in a part of town he has no business being in anyway. City life, city dreams and nightmares slowly assimilating their way into our waking moments and scaring the crap into our subconscious, giving us brand-new phobias with impossible names and stars that have long since exploded, just dusty aftermath remaining, only to one day cross our path. Hollywood, you highly entertain me and Angelina, my vibrating chair, and I hate to admit it, but you also entertain my four dogs, in a very creepy way that is sure to someday lead to chaos and anarchy and people hiding from the evil red-eyed robots you so fanatically portray. And New York, hey, you set the trend, you're the the beginning and end, you are the very motor that drives the world and God bless you all, but someone please tell me, who's greasing that machine? It just couldn't be Mister Clean... Why don't we all just live our dream yea let's all be a team, go ride the surf and drop the strife, go down to the tropics, and find a wife.  Or find a husband who's the man and let him teach you how to ride a wave and flow on one that's made just for you, girl. And then, when you've finally reached that state of peace surfing offers, you'll know without a doubt that beauty lies everywhere, and you are truly a lucky human being to be able to appreciate it.

Having said that...  taking your kids to a surf camp, Costa Rica being the best place imaginable for that, and teaching them the wonder of surfing is quite possibly the best activity your kids could do! 

Just what is surfing? Well, besides being super fun, it's very healthy, it gives kids a positive outlook on life (especially when surfing with mom or dad) and keeps them off the streets and out of trouble.  And for the kids who are reading this, trust me, surfing rules!!!  Getting barrelled or doing a big floater or cutback beats the heck out of the playstation, or hangin' out in the mall by a long shot... and oh yea, by the way, chicks dig surfers... not that being cool means a dang thing, but girls do like surfers...

The point is, surfing creates a positive mindset that is to a certain degree missing in today's culture, and when you're surfing head-high, perfect, peeling tubes with just you and your friends, there truly is not much of a better feeling on this earth.  In fact, I can't thing of a single thing I'd rather do than go surfing with my kid, in perfect, uncrowded waves.  As he just happily agreed himself... so tomorrow, Monday, , I am officially not making my son Eric go to school. We're leaving at 4:30am, and going surfing all day in Playa Pavones, one of the worlds longest waves in the world... (and there's a nice looking swell on the way!  Oh yea!)

Some reasons why surfing is a great activity for kids to take up with their parents:

  1. It's a great cardio and overall body workout.
  2. You get to smile and hoot at your kid's waves while they race by you.
  3. You get to laugh and sputter as your kid carves by and fills your face with spray.
  4. You get to steal waves from your children and then tackle them at high speed, as old age and treachery shall always beat youth and skill.
  5. Simply put, surfing is the ultimate "stress reliever"; there's nothing like a good session in the ocean to give you a good night's sleep.
  6. There's a near endless list of fun pranks you can play on your buddies, so that they eat sand for lunch, wear jellyfish hats, etc.
  7. Surfing is an excellent activity for kids to devote themselves to. Not only is it impossible for kids to be out drinking or doing drugs while they're out surfing with you, they can't be drinking or on drugs, period, as they'll fall off on every wave due to complete lack of coordination.
  8. Surfing can and most likely will change your life in a very positive way, to where you might just find yourself and your family living not so far from that most wonderful of places, Mother Ocean.

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