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The best vacation ever!!



Hi Karla,
I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had at the surf camp. (I booked the 2 week package and stayed on for an extra week March 7-28). You've definitely created the perfect experience for surfers (or anyone) coming to Costa Rica.
Your staff is fantastic and my trip was seamless, from the second I landed to my departure. Johnny was right there at the airport to meet me and was so helpful with some impromptu Spanish lessons on the drive over and getting some dinner.
I arrived well after Green Iguana was closed but he explained the GI package to me before putting it in my hands, carried my bag to my room and even showed me how to work the A/C! The surf instruction was the best! On the water, I was most often coached by Junior, Jossue, Flaco and Raymond but I would often pick Jenny's brains. Everyone was open and encouraging and answered my questions extensively.

I applied everything they told me in the daily sessions and have a great information base for future progress in this sport. I've been a high performance athlete in canoe-kayak for a number of years and national team for the past decade. Your surf instructors are equivalent to our top level coaches and athletes and I appreciated that from the first day. It takes special skills to teach a sport with so many variables.

I was impressed by their ability to always put me in exactly the right spot on a wave when I began and their sense of when I was ready to figure the waves out on my own. They described what it should look, sound & feel like, pointed out distant waves for illustration or drew diagrams in the sand - whatever it took to get the information across. Raymond especially was amazing and reminded me of our head coach here at home. He has the capacity for pinpointing exactly what you're doing wrong or right, boiling it down and communicating it with a few key words so you can catch the next wave perfectly. It's no surprise that within a few days, I was confident I could go to any surf beach in the world and get up on a board.

For the first couple of sessions I was on my own with an instructor but even once the groups got larger, I never felt I was missing out on attention. The guys treated everyone equally and the students I spoke with never felt neglected or that someone had received more attention. I'm 50 and found this impressive considering they're young guys surrounded by attractive young women in bikinis!
Anyway, I could go on and on but I just had to let you know what an impressive team you've assembled in the perfect place. The sidetrips were interesting and fun, the people, food and weather were amazing.
I couldn't have had a better introduction to Costa Rica and the group at Green Iguana are the perfect diplomats. I've told all my friends about it and will definitely be coming back!

Thanks again for everything,


Dear Green Iguana,
I loved every minute of it! May be it would have been nicer if the fair wasn´t happening, but this is out of your control anyways. I had a blast! Raymond made me laugh constantly! He is such a talent, he should consider opening a recording studio on the side -hahaahaaaa- I am laughing cuz I am getting a visual of him singing. Props to Junior (great instructions and fun), Chocoyo (very professional and generous on wisdom and tips), Flaco - very nice too! I, personally, think I am contaminated with the surfers syndrome and can not stop seeing and thinking waves and thinking to myself about "paddle! paddle! get up!"... I am coming back. I have been SCARRED for life in the most beautiful way. I really liked the Dominicalito beach... Quiet spot and perfect for learning. The waves were a great learning experience - not only for surfing! I learned more about myself and things I need to work on and got some of my priorities straight. Pretty amazing!!!! I love my job too much but if I didn´t, I would settle for the local life and forget about the rest of the world :).... Being out there with the waves and the feeling I get when I am on top (one of the few times in between being beat up) makes everything else in my life pretty insignificant. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to feel this purely mind expanding and life changing experience, and being there to holler Paddle! The more I do it, the more I want of it. I just wish my muscles were there already!:) I have never been so quiet in my life and the surfing thing makes me shut up and enjoy every bit of what see or feel. Jenny, thank you for satisfying my curiosity! THANK YOU ALL and I hope to see you again! (Raymond, please prepare a whole repertoir for me and have a little solo concert on top of the desk when you see me next!:)))))

Tzveta Stamatova

To the staff at Green Iguana,
Thank you!!! We just got back to NY, and are already missing you guys. The time we had in Dominical was just incredible, and everyone at Green Iguana are truly unique, good people, who constantly made sure we were having a good time, both in and out of the surf.
They really went "above and beyond", and made each day a real pleasure. Jenny is a great manager for you guys, and was very helpful every day, and I have to tell you, you have the most amazingly skilled, and I have to say, funny, instructors! Raymond is a great "chief", as the boys called him, and all of the instructors, especially Jossue, always had us smiling and laughing, even when we wiped out (alot)!

The waterfalls were very nice as well, especially the one where two cascades merged into one (I forget the name). So while we bundle ourselves up to beat the cold here in the city, we'll be missing you guys down there, and looking forward to the next trip we can make to the surf camp. Don't change a thing - you guys have got it going on!
Muchas Gracias,
Cindy, Steve and family NYC

Absolutely AMAZING!
To all the staff at Green Iguana, I cannot even begin to express my thanks for such a wonderful experience in Dominical. Everyone at Green Iguana made the trip the best I have taken in my life....I extended it 2 days while I was there and I am already planning a return trip in December! A special thanks to Jossue, Flaco, Juan Carlos, Junior, and Raymond for making surfing in Costa Rica so incredible. I was a solo traveler and from the first day on the water with Jossue I felt welcomed and so at home in Dominical. The town is a special place and all of you at Green Iguana should know what a great job you do and that you are much appreciated! All of the other travelers I met that week felt the same way. I am honored to call you guys my friends and I miss you already! I will try to do you guys proud on the waves in Southern California......
A big thank you from the bottom of my heart,

That was the best trip I have ever taken in my life! All the staff at the Green Iguana: Jenny, Raymond, Junior, Flaco, Jossue, and Chocoyo were the absolute best instructors Tracy and I could possibly ask for! Costa Rica is such an amazing country and your staff helped us realize this. I would completely try and come down again as soon as I can get it together. Tracy loves surfing and you all made that happen, now we can paddle out together in San Diego or wherever the waves are breaking. SO MUCH FUN! Anyways, I really wanted to recognize the professionalism of you and your staff and let you know that I will pass this information on to so many people, Playa Dominical is the place to be. Talk to you soon!
David and Tracy
Dear Green Iguana:
My friend and I just spent one incredible week at your surf camp in Playa Dominical, and I wanted to thank you guys for a great time. I became interested in learning how to surf when I was in San Diego last summer and have always wanted to check out Costa Rica , so I went online and found your website. Of course I came across other camps, hotels, etc. but your website was so impressive and full of key information that I decided to go with you guys. The accomodations and package were exactly what we had expected and you definitely exceeded our expectations. The room we stayed in was very clean and we felt completely safe at all times. The food at Diuwak was amazingly good, I think we ate there just about every night! As far as the surfing and excursions, you guys were really patient and we felt at ease knowing that you were right there next to us should we have any problems. Of course we have gained a whole new sense of respect for the ocean which I think is important as far as safety goes. We loved the surfing so much we are planning to buy boards here and practice to prepare for our return to Dominical!! I would definitely recommend your camp to anyone and everyone and do plan to take more lessons when I come back. When you have nice, honest, hardworking people in one of the most beautiful parts of the world teaching you one of the most incredible sports known to man, this is what you get at the Green Iguana Surf Camp, Playa Domincal, Costa Rica !!!
Thanks again! Pura Vida!!!!
Holly Miami, Fl
Green Iguana
Thank you for introducing us to surfing in such a special place in the world. Thank you sincerely for your patience, humor and endless interesting stories and conversations – you are each and every one great blokes. Peace, love, and happiness (we’ll keep poppin’ and hoppin’!!)
Vicki & Nick Leicestershire, UK
Thank you for a great time here, including the extra day! Thanks especially for being so helpful, and I apologize for my dire lack of Spanish! Thanks for all the helpful advice. I’ll get that “tube” before I head back to “blighty”. Good luck to you and I’ll definitely be back to visit this lovely country of yours. Love,
Kathy Wheeler, North Devon, UK.
Hola Green Iguana,
Words can't describe how incredibly fun my surf camp adventure was, so good in fact, I'm planning on dragging two of my best friends back with me during the winter break. Raymond was not only an excellent (oh yeah, and did I mention extremely patient?) surf instructor, he was full-on tour guide as well. He let us pick which beaches we wanted to go to when the surf was up, and what attractions we wanted to visit when the surf wasn't up. The camp rocked and by the end of the week I felt like I knew everyone in Dominical.
See ya in January,

Green Iguana,
Jesse and I had the greatest time there with lots of memorable experiences! The warm water, an amazing and welcome change from Oregon , was perfect! The beaches were beautiful and the instructors were great. The dinner at Jazzy's river house was wonderful, and all of the trips that you planned to entertain us were incredible experiences. We definitely will come back to Costa Rica , thank you so much for making us feel so welcome.
Cessa and Jesse (the couple on their honeymoon from Oregon ).
To everyone at Green Iguana,
This has been hands-down the best beach vacation I’ve ever had, due mostly to the people I’ve met at Green Iguana…and the surf instruction was great. My best to all and looking forward to the next occasion that brings me to this part of the world.
Pete Lenein
To everyone at Green Iguana, thank you for an amazing vacation, thank you for making me one of the family and most important thanks for teaching me how to do the coolest thing in the world – surf!
Over & out,
Heather, NYC
Green Iguana Surf Camp

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